Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Incinerator Ince Marshes Frodsham

The Public Inquiry for the Ince Marsh incinerator is due to open on Tuesday 15th April and close on Thursday 29th May at The Forest Hills Hotel Frodsham. There will be a public consultation meeting on Wednesday 14th May between 7:00pm and 9:00pm at the Forest Hills Hotel Frodsham. Anyone who wishes to speak at this meeting should register with Jane Coslett on 01244 973931 or e-mail

This incinerator's emissions will fall within a ten mile radius and will therefore include all of Halton. This of course is in an area which boasts the highest tonnage and widest range of chemicals emitted in England and Wales. Up to 60% of these current emissions are carcinogenic (cancer promoting). Halton also has one of the highest rates of cancer incidence in the country and although there is to date no conclusive evidence of a direct environmental causal link to cancer in Halton, a 2003 study, commisioned by the borough, suggested that the precautionary principle should be applied when considering all industrial developments because of the existing pollution problems in the area.

The incinerator at Ince Marshes, if built, will have very fine filters. Recent research indicates that the body is more susceptible to such finely filtered emissions (they're able to penetrate deeply into organs) and advises caution on the building of such units.

The proposed incinerator is one of 22 energy from heat incinerators (EFH) that are being considered in the UK. Apparantly the production of energy in EFH's is very inefficient around 10%.

Ince Marshes is one of 4 local incinerators planned which if built will add to air quality problems in Halton. Apart from the Ince Marshes one, the proposed Ineos Chlor EFH at Weston Point Runcorn is currently being considered by the sec of state for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (B.E.R.R) after being accepted by Halton Council's planning committee!

There are much 'greener' labour intensive alternatives to this sort of recyling at about the same costs which are currently up and running in various parts of the country eg Preston area.

To object to the Weston Point proposal write to the Sec of State Dept of B.E.R.R, Bay 2121, 1 Victoria St., London SW1H0ET and written objections regarding the Ince Marshes site should be sent to Waste and Planning Services Backford Hall Backford Cheshire CH1 6PX)

We need a good attendance at the Forest Hills Hotel meeting on the 14th May to show the extent of the opposition to the proposed plans for Ince Marshes. Please be there if you can! For further information contact Halton Green Party 0151 423 1692

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